Loving Bronze and Orange



Back in March I watched a Japanese drama called “Shitsuren Chocolatier.” I really liked the make up of a character named Erena. She plays a model in the drama and she always rocks her bright colour lipstick with a tint of bronzer and a light brown eye shadow.

Kiko Mizuhara "Erena"

Kiko Mizuhara “Erena”


And then this May Jennifer Lopez appeared on the cover of InStyle wearing pretty much the same thing!



So pretty babes if you like this look what you’ll need is the following:

20140502_114331A brown palette eye shadow, a bronzer and some bright colour lipsticks.

  • Brown palette eye shadow – Esprique – a Japanese brand
  • Bronzer – benefit
  • Orange Lipstick – Revlon Colorbusrt in Audacious
  • Pink Lipstick – Chanel in Surprenante

And here’s my everyday not too overwhelming version of bronze and orange!


okay I puked a little when I see my own selfie


Magic Potion


Another restless night has proven this magic potion’s power. My girls and I are fighting a cold. Coupled with my blocked sinus and headache, I barely slept last night when one woke up several times at night and one kept coughing beside me.

This morning I looked at myself in the mirror thinking what a train wreck I must be. But I was shocked. My skin looked well rested, hydrated and soft. What happened to the rough night? Oh I remembered! I used a magic potion before I went to bed.

This magic potion is Jurlique’s Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel. I use it twice a week and whenever I use it my skin looks great the next morning, regardless of how much sleep I get. This recovery gel really makes a difference, tried and tested many times by a sleepless mom.


F/W 2013 Scrapbook

It’s so hard for a mom to find time to catch up with the latest trends. While spring 2014 is taking place now I feel thankful just to keep up with fall 2013. So for all of you who ain’t got time to stay ahead of the game, here’s a quick crash course of this season’s hot items. 


From top left clockwise: H&M jeans, Zara turtleneck sweaters, Celine grey trapeze, Chanel bag and over the thigh boots, Chloe bag, Chloe black boots, Celine grey boots, Alexander McQueen top handle bags, Saint Laurent rose bag, Valentino pumps, Fendi dress, Carven coat, Balenciaga top, Saint Laurent biker jacket, Alexander McQueen biker jacket, Zara leather leggings and skirt.

Sources: Harper’s Bazaar, style.com, net-a-porter, neiman marcus.

Sunscreen Safety

While we are enjoying this beautiful summer we should never forget to put on sunscreen. But do you know the active ingredients in your sunscreen and are they really good for you?

Sunscreen can be divided into two groups, chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin whereas physical sunscreen sits on the surface of the skin and reflects the sun. There are studies that show ingredients in chemical sunscreen may mess up your hormones and cause allergic reactions. But don’t panic yet because these studies are still controversial and inconclusive.

The important message here is to choose a physical sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen. So look for zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, and mexoryl in a sunscreen. You can view a chart of sunscreen chemicals by visiting this page – Trouble with Sunscreen. And visit Safe Sunscreens recommended by the Environmental Working Group to see a list of good products.

Another myth is that the higher the SPF the better the sunscreen. This is not true. Higher SPF usually contains more chemicals and it leads you to think you can stay in the sun forever. Your skin gets irritated and you end up getting too much sun. One size doesn’t fit all. If you have a sensitive skin and you don’t burn that easily you might want to go for a moderate SPF.

Enjoy the sun and stay safe and pretty!



Environmental Working Group

Dr. Oz – Your Sunscreen might be Poisoning You
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Red Hot News – Bite Beauty Lipsticks


I haven’t dared to try bold lip colours until this summer. And luckily today I found a treasure to share with you!

I went to Sephora and was gonna buy a lip balm. I ended up with more than a lip balm lol! I found Bite Beauty’s mini lipstick duo which has the two colours I’ve always wanted to get, red and fuchsia.


The colours are bold, smooth and velvety. What’s even better is that the lipstick contains “Trans-Resveratrol” which provides proven antioxidant benefits for long-term age repair. It also contains all the good stuff like shea butter, argan oil and vitamin E and C.

It has a pretty price point too. For $15 you get two colours. They are a mini version but a little bit goes a long way and they will last at least for a season. I never use up my lipsticks anyways.