I gained close to 60 pounds (roughly 30 kilos) during my pregnancy which was not healthy. Now a year has gone by and I’m back to my normal weight range. There are still a few pounds I want to lose but oh well at least I look normal. Going back to normal wasn’t an easy journey!

Count Calories and Eat Wisely

I started my fight with mama weight 2 months after I gave birth. It was suggested for new moms not to lose weight right after delivery. Besides, I was breastfeeding and a  breastfeeding mom should not go on a diet. For breastfeeding moms it is crucial to eat healthy to provide quality breast milk. So what I did was that I counted the calories I required as a breastfeeding mom and I ate wisely. I focused on high protein foods such as chicken and soy milk and cut down gradually on carbohydrates. Even when I had to eat carbs I ate brown rice or whole wheat toasts which are high in fiber. The tip is to eat smart. There was even one point I was disgusted by white carb foods because I think that they’re going to waste the space in my stomach. The other thing I cut down on was sugar. I did it by putting less and less sugar each day into my coffee. Now I just don’t like my coffee with sugar or beverages that are too sweet.


I also worked out three times a week for about half an hour each. The workouts I have done are Turbo Fire, Winsor Pilates and P90X. Basically any workout that can burn calories works. And before you jump right into an intense workout make sure you have an extremely supportive sports bra. Jumping up and down can make your precious boobs saggy. On top of working out, thanks to my pug, I walked my dog everyday for at least 15 minutes. Then close to the one year mark my baby began to be very active. Chasing after her became another workout by itself.

It was a combination of counting calories, eating wisely, and working out that whipped me back into shape. Hope all the mamas out there who still want to lose a few pounds will be able to fight mama weight and be pretty!

Purty Talks

懷孕期間我重了接近60磅(約30公斤),我這不是健康的喔。現在一年過去了,我回到我的正常體重範圍。雖然有一些要瘦, 但謝天謝地至少我看起來正常。恢復原本的體重真得是個很不容易的旅程!


我生完2個月後開始了我和媽媽肥的抗戰。有人建議新媽媽剛生完不要馬上減肥。此外,我是餵母乳, 餵母乳的媽媽不應該節食。母乳媽媽們關鍵是要吃得健康提供優質的母乳。因此,我所做的就是算我一個餵母乳媽媽需要的熱量和吃的巧。我專注於高蛋白質的食物,如雞肉,豆漿然後逐漸減少碳水化合物。即使當我得吃碳水化合物我都吃糙米或全麥麵包, 都是高纖維的。秘訣是吃的聰明。甚至有一度我對白色碳水化合物的食物很反感因為我認為他們會浪費我胃的空間。其他的飲食還有少糖。我就每天少一點糖放在咖啡裡。現在我不喜歡我的咖啡或飲料太甜。


我還做了每週三次約每半小時的運動。我做的運動是Turbo Fire,皮拉提斯和P90X。基本上任何可以燃燒熱量的運動都有用。當你要做激烈的運動時,確定你有一個非常好的運動胸罩。上下跳躍可造成你寶貴的胸部下垂。除了運動,感謝我的巴哥狗,我溜狗每天至少15分鐘。然後我的寶寶接近一歲時開始很活躍。在他後面追著跑就又是另一個運動了。