I would like to share with you my latest “purty” discovery. It is called LipFusion Infatuation by Fusion Beauty. It is a shining, liquid and multi-action lip gloss. It offers an extraordinary Amplifat™ technology to increase and maintain body fat just where you need it most! This groundbreaking plumper boosts natural lip fat without surgery or injections. It does not contain irritants or silicone and it has no parabens! Other active ingredients include peptides and collagen filling spheres which give you lush, plump and smooth lips!

When I apply it I can feel a slight tingly sensation. The lip gloss then instantly fills up all the lines on my lips making them moisturized. It works as fast as you apply it on your lips! My lips stay plumped and moisturized for a long time.

I have been a big fan of Fusion Beauty’s products, especially LipFusion XL. But now I prefer LipFusion Infatuation because it is thicker, it works faster, and it gives you a hint of colour and plumping effect all in one tube. And it is cheaper. CDN$31.

我想與大家分享我最新的美美發現。就是Beauty FusionLipFusion Infatuation。它是一個液體亮光和多功能的唇蜜。它有一個非凡的Amplifat™技術,來提高和保持體內的脂肪就在您最需要的地方!這突破性的技術讓你可擁有自然豐滿嘴唇不需手術或注射。它不含有刺激物或矽膠,它也沒有苯甲酸酯!其他活性成分包括生肽和膠原填充給你水滴滴,豐滿而光滑的嘴唇!


我一直很喜歡Beauty Fusion的產品,尤其是LipFusion XL。但現在我更喜歡LipFusion Infatuation,因為它比較濃, 效果快,還給你一個淡淡的顏色和飽滿的效果都在同一個唇蜜。它也比較便宜。加幣$31。

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