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My girlfriend Lily shared this AWESOME tip with me the other day and she also talked about it in Purty Talks’ discussion group on Facebook. She uses old coffee grounds to exfoliate her body.

Purty Talks - Magical Old Coffee Grounds

For some reason I couldn’t picture coffee grounds on my body at first so I hadn’t tried it. Then I was talking to my sister yesterday and learned that she has been using old coffee grounds to exfoliate as Lily suggested. My sister says that one spoon is enough for the whole body and that she uses some body wash to mix the coffee grounds.

So I finally tried it and I’m totally in love with it! I took some old coffee grounds from this morning and mixed them with some body wash. Then I just rubbed the grounds on my body. The grounds worked really well and stayed on the skin pretty well, unlike other exfoliating products on the market which usually run out pretty fast. With the coffee grounds I was able to exfoliate till I was satisfied with every inch of my skin. My skin feels softer, and I stress, very soft! Every pore of my skin feels rejuvenated! Gotta share this with y’all! Even my husband wants to try it. hehehehe…Oh! Remember to put lotion on your body afterwards.

Purty Talks - Magical Coffee Grounds

有一天我的女友Lily跟我分享了這個超棒的小撇步,她也有在Facebook上Purty Talks的族群裡提過這個喔。她用舊的咖啡渣去身體角質。


我終於試了而且完全愛上了它!我把一些早上的舊咖啡渣放在我手中,擠了一些沐浴乳混在一起。然後,我就擦在我的身體上。咖啡渣真的很好用,他會黏在皮膚上,不像其他去角質產品在常常不夠用。我能一直搓到我滿意。我的皮膚感覺非常滑嫩超滑的,每一個毛細孔都醒來了! 這次一定要大大分享!我老公都搞得想嘗試一下哩。 呵呵呵…喔 記得要擦乳液喔!

Purty Talks - Magical Coffee Grounds