Do you think freckles are cute or do you hate them to death?? While some people are proud to have freckles as a fashion statement, some want to get rid of them so bad they are willing to try everything.

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Many of my girlfriends hate freckles and would like to learn about ways to get rid of them. So this time we’re going to learn about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for freckles.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

    • Non-invasive Photorejuvenation treatment: light wavelength from 515nm to 1200nm.
    • Different treatment filter tips aiming to improve: pigment discoloration (including freckles, age spots, melasma, rosacea, and acne blemishes), vascular lesions (port wine stains, body and facial telangiectasia, hemangioma and leg veins), pigmented lesions (hyperpigmentation, lentigines, keratosis, café-au-lait, Becker nevus), uneven skin tone, improve skin texture (pore size, coarse skin and shallow scars).
    • Increase collagen production in the dermal layer.
    • Require 4 to 6 sessions for maximum results: gradual improvement after each session, resulting in a dramatic improvement by the end of a treatment program.  Each session should be 3 weeks apart.

Pre/Post treatment

    • Patient should avoid sun-tanning prior or after treatment sessions. Sunscreen should be applied at all times.
    • No anesthetic require.
    • Minimal down time, sometimes redness may occur however most people can resume normal daily activities right after treatment.
    • On rare occasions, existing freckles may turn slightly darker. This is normal and should subside in a few days.

I had IPL treatments for acne a few years ago. IPL hurts a little bit, like someone using a rubber band to hit your face (gently though). After the treatment you can ice the area to reduce minor pain and swelling.

I personally would try IPL for freckles before any other laser treatments because it is non-invasive. 99% of laser treatments damage you skin in a way to regenerate new skin. So unless your spots are age spots or deep in the layers of your skin, avoid laser treatments. Note that IPL only targets dark spots that are on the surface of the skin, such as freckles. IPL offers many other benefits at the same time. Your skin will often become tighter and smoother because of the promotion of collagen production.

What’s most important is to prevent freckles from forming. Remember to use sunscreen and skin brightening products at all times. And consult several dermatologists for a treatment that works for you.




  •         非侵入性式皮膚治療:光的波長從 515nm到1200nm
  •         不同的治療項目是換波長的頭:色素沉澱(包括雀斑,老人斑,肝斑,酒渣皮膚,痤瘡和瑕疵),血管病變(鮮紅斑痣,身體和面部毛細血管擴張,血管瘤和腿部靜脈),色素性病變(色素沉著,角化,胎記,貝克痣),不均勻的膚色,改善膚質(毛孔大小,皮膚粗糙,淺疤痕)
  •         增加膠原蛋白的生產,在真皮層
  •         需要4至6次的治療達到理想的效果。 每次療程應可看到改善。 療程應分開3週。


  •         病人應避免太陽曬黑之前或之後療程。防曬霜應適用於所有時間。
  •         無需麻醉。
  •         恢復期很短, 會有點點紅紅的但大部分的人都可以恢復正常的日常活動。
  •         在極少數情況下,可能會出現紅腫和現有的雀斑變成稍深。這是正常的,應該在幾天內消退。

幾年前我用過IPL治療青春痘。 IPL有一點點疼,好像有人用橡皮筋打你的臉(雖然輕輕的)。打完可以冰敷消除輕微的疼痛和紅腫。

我個人會建議先用IPL治療雀斑,因為它是非侵入式治療。雷射治療99%是損傷你的皮膚再讓他重生新的皮膚。所以,除非你的斑點是老人斑或很深層的斑請不要考慮雷射。 IPL只針對表面黑斑,比如雀斑。 IPL同時也提供了許多其他好處。你的皮膚會變得緊實細致光滑,因為他促進膠原蛋白。



IPL info – Courtesy of Richmond Laser Skin Care