My attempt on doing a Nicki Minaj and barbie make up…

我嘗試畫的Nicki Minaj + 芭比娃娃妝…

I scared my hubby look

Base 底妝

1. Use a pore minimizer to create a perfect skin look. 用縮小毛孔的產品創造一個完美的皮膚。

2. Apply foundation. I used BB cream. 上粉底。 我用BB霜。

3. Conceal dark circles and imperfection. 遮住黑眼圈和瑕疵。

4. Highlight under eyes and the bridge of nose. 打亮眼部下方和鼻子。

5. Set your make up with powder. 定妝。

Contour and Highlight 修容和打亮

  • Use a darker shade to contour your face and apply highlights on your nose, chin and under eye. Make your features pop out like barbie dolls do. 用深色修容然後打亮鼻子下巴和眼睛下面。五官要立體才會像芭比。

Contour your face and highlight the bridge of your nose

Eyes and Brows 眼睛和眉毛

  • Apply purple eye shadow on lids to the crease. Use a lighter shade to highlight brow bones. Take a darker shadow to intensify the crease. Blend in. Use a silver shadow in the corners. Use a white shadow or white eyeliner for lower eyes. 用一個基本色在眼窩。使用較淡的眼影打亮眉骨。以較深的眼影擦在眼凹的地方。混合眼影。眼頭使用銀色的眼影。用白色眼影當下眼線或白色眼線筆。
  • Put on false eye lashes then do eyeliners. It’s easier. 帶上假睫毛後再畫眼線。簡單一點。

Lips 唇

  • Put a layer of foundation on your lips then apply lipstick and lip gloss. 用粉底打底先在擦口紅跟唇蜜。

Girlie pinks

Voila! I freaked my hubby out!

My hubby walked in when I was taking pictures and he thought he walked into someone else’s home. 我在照相時我老公走進來他還以為他走錯家了。