Do you have a busy life? Do you rather sleep in for a few more minutes? Do you want to look pretty in 10 minutes? Then check out this quick and easy 10 Minute Make up!


  • Mix foundation with moisturizer. The proportion I prefer is one to one. Depending on the coverage you need, you can also use less foundation and more moisturizer. This saves time compared to applying foundation all over the face.
  • 將粉底與保濕乳液混合。我喜歡的比例是一比一。根據你需要的遮蓋度,你也可以使用較少的粉底和較多的保濕乳液。這樣也比上粉底節省時間。

  • Conceal! It makes you look younger! Hide dark circles with orange based cream concealer and then use a highlighter to lighten up the under eye area.
  • 遮瑕!它會使你看起來更年輕!用帶橘色的霜狀的遮瑕膏遮黑眼圈, 然後用打亮筆打亮下眼周圍。

Having a healthy looking and flawless complexion cuts down the need to wear heavy make up!


  • Set make up and put on some blush. Blush is another key to making a glowing complexion.
  • 定妝然後畫點腮紅。腮紅是讓皮膚容光煥發的另一個關鍵。
  • Apply a pearl coloured eye shadow over the eyelids. Line the lower waterline with a dark eye shadow, extend to the corner of the eye. Find the minimal amount of eye make up you need to make your eyes pop in seconds.
  • 用珍珠色眼影打亮眼皮。用深色眼影描下內眼線,延伸到眼角。找到可用最少眼妝的秘訣讓眼睛快速變有神。

  • Line the upper waterline with a waterproof eyeliner. Curl eye lashes and apply mascara. I’m using my favorite mascara and you can see the difference! It lengthens, adds volume and it doesn’t wear your lashes down.
  • 用防水眼線筆畫上內眼線。夾睫毛塗抹睫毛膏。我用我最喜歡的睫毛膏,你可以看到區別!他增長,增加量但不會壓垮睫毛。

  • Do your eyebrows last. You’ll find that you spend less time on perfecting a pair of matching eyebrows. Put on some lip gloss and it’s done!
  • 最後再畫眉毛。你會發現你花少一些時間畫個對稱的眉毛喔。上一些唇彩就完成啦!

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