Penny loafers are back this season. There are flat loafers, loafer pumps and different colours and materials.

學生鞋又回來了! 我們看到平底的,有跟的,不同顏色,或材質的。

But where are Patrick Cox’s Wannabe loafers?? Remember the pair of must have shoes that every model and their mama owns (back in the days)? Those were my first ever dream shoes! They came in so many colours and they went well with jeans, skirts or dresses. Dr. Martens boots are back already. I hope we could see Wannabes’ return too!

可是怎麼沒有Patrick Cox的Wannabe學生鞋呢??還記得那雙必備款嗎? 每個Model都有的一雙鞋。那可是我有史以來第一雙夢想鞋!有繽紛的顏色,穿搭牛仔褲或裙子都百搭。馬丁鞋都回來了,我希望可以看到Wannabes捲土重來!