My sister in Hong Kong took these pictures for me. Check out these grand visual displays presented by Harvey Nichols at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. They are so grand and so pretty!

跟大家分享我在香港的姐姐幫我照的照片。這些是Harvey Nichols百貨公司在金鐘太古廣場展示的。超正點!

Cosmetics Tower 化妝品塔


Made of lipsticks and eye shadows! 用口紅和眼影作的!


Pefume Bottle. 香水瓶。

Made from nail polish bottles. 從指甲油罐子做的。



Looks like a dinosaur. 這好像是一條恐龍。

Compiled from hangers! 衣架拼的!


Isn’t it amazing to see creative designs like these? 看到這麼有創意的設計是不是很讚啊!