Many people have had Botox done but very few share their experience on a blog (at least to my knowledge). You don’t want others to know what lunchtime cosmetic procedure you have done and yet you keep looking prettier and younger? There’s no possible way! Now I can tell who had “subtle” Botox done because I did it myself. LOL!

Yes…I am a mom…why do I care about my looks so much? Well after you haven’t slept well and eaten well since the day your kid was born, you age FAST. This was what my doctor said but don’t you agree? I wanted to get Botox because I always frown. Sometimes I frown too much it gives me a migraine. Okay I am exaggerating a bit. Anyways, frowning makes me look angry all the time and besides I also wanted my masseter muscles to look smaller. Yeah making my face smaller was probably not necessary but I admit I like to experiment things that will make me look prettier. It’s in my blood or something (my mom will kill me and she won’t admit it) I just can’t help it.

I was supposedly going for a consultation. I’ve known the doctor since I was a teenager. He’s my dermatologist. At the appointment he spent most of the time playing with my girl who was afraid of him. I told him where I wanted it done and he checked my face to determine the number of units required. He also suggested I should get some done on my nose because there are lines on my nose already. I was still asking him some questions while I saw his assistant getting some needles ready. Then I asked, “those are not for me eh?” He said, “yeah those are for you.” I panicked a bit but then still went for it the same day.

Scary Needles 可怕的針

I didn’t want any pain and requested for a local anesthetic cream. Usually it doesn’t hurt that much. For the masseter muscles my doctor just iced them and administer the injections. And for the frowning muscles he put on a cream to numb the area. Some areas on the face experience more pain than others. When he was administering the injection for my biting muscles he said, bite down, relax. I was so nervous I couldn’t think so I couldn’t understand how you could bite down and relax at the same time. It turned out those were two separate actions. First bite, then relax. LOL! He put in three shots on each side which were 50 units in total. Then he put several shots on the frown line (10 units) and on the bridge of my nose (6 units). It wasn’t too bad at all. It did not hurt as much as plucking eyebrows!

Me Freaking Out... 嚇的皮皮蹉的我

Whew so the procedure was done. It only took 10 minutes but then we waited and chatted and were out of the clinic after an hour and a half.

The results will be seen gradually in a few days and a few weeks depending on the area. I can’t frown any more and I can’t squeeze my nose muscles. I still look natural not frozen though hahaha…The results on my biting muscles are yet to be seen but I totally look forward to a smaller face.

Before & After

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很多人都有打過肉毒桿菌,但至少就我所知很少人分享這種經驗。大部分的人不希望別人知道自己做了什麼微整容,可是卻越來越年輕漂亮。有沒有可能? 少來啦! 現在我可以知道誰有小微整肉毒,因為我自己也去做了。 哈哈哈!

是的… …我是個媽媽 … …為什麼我需在乎我的樣子? 只是沒睡好沒吃好老的快。這是我的醫生說的你同不同意?我想用因為我總是皺眉。有時,我皺眉太多,它給了我一個偏頭痛。好吧,我誇大了一點。不管怎麼說,皺著眉頭讓我看起來像生氣,我也希望我的咬肌看起來更小。臉小可能真的不必要,但我承認我喜歡實驗會變漂亮的東西。可能是遺傳吧(我媽會氣死然後不承認)我也愛莫能助(難得用成語)。


我不希望任何疼痛所以要求局部麻醉霜。通常打肉毒不怎麼痛。對於咬肌肌肉,我的醫生只是冰敷就注射了。眉頭肌肉就小小上了一點麻藥。 臉部不同的肌肉疼痛也會不同。當他要打咀嚼肌時,他說,用力咬放鬆。我超緊張,反應不過來,我說你怎麼同時用力咬和放鬆? 原來,這是兩個不同的指令。先用力再放鬆。 真是夠矬!他每邊三針,合共50個單位。然後,他把幾針打在皺眉線(10個單位)和我的鼻子上(6個單位)。其時不是太痛。還沒有拔眉毛痛!



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