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My BFF and I decided to do a crazy thing to add sparks to our boring life. We went to line up for Versace for H&M at 6:00 am in -3°C freezing cold weather. The line started from the H&M store Granville entrance till the corner of Dunsmuir. People brought their tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs and there were lots of empty coffee cups left behind. We were almost the last in the line. Lucky we didn’t have to wait in the cold for too too long. H&M started to give out wristbands so that people could just go back to the store at a designated time. Our time was 11:00 am. There were also numbers on the wristbands to ensure the queue order. Everything was very organized and the staff were friendly and courteous.

So after we got our wristband we went to Starbucks to recharge and we took a detour to the Bay’s new store “The Room” and “Topshop”. It was so nice to finally see Topshop and well picked out designer clothes at The Room! The buyers did a great job. Christopher Kane’s pieces were beautiful! I even tried on my dream booties from Maison Martin Margiela. I had so much fun window shopping at The Room and Topshop.

Saw this Christopher Kane dress at The Room

Tried on this Maison Martin Margiela bootie in red

Around 10:30 am we headed back to H&M and waited in the store. My heart was pounding! We were so excited even though our wish list leather dress and fur vest were gone. When we were allowed into the Versace for H&M section there were sales associates helping us to carry our shopping bags and to find sizes. We only had 15 minutes to shop. The sales associates were so helpful and strong! Mine had to carry 10 pieces of clothes with hangers which I could totally relate to when I worked as a personal shopper assistant. It was sweet to have a shopping assistant for 15 minutes LOL!

Waiting for our turn - excuse the blurriness

It was a long, cold and tiring morning but I ended up with 9 rewarding items from the collection. The quality of the clothes were surprisingly good and there are lots of nice details. I have posted the 9 items in Preview. Below is a lookbook I just did today. Enjoy the lookbook! P.S. I didn’t wear all of the items because some of them were pre-ordered by a friend.

Versace for H&M - Short-sleeved Top in Gold Coloured Rivets

Versace for H&M - Red Dress

Versace for H&M - Red Dress

Versace for H&M - Short, sleeveless silk dress with gold- and silver-coloured rivets and a low-cut back

Versace for H&M - Short, sleeveless silk dress with gold- and silver-coloured rivets and a low-cut back

Versace for H&M - Scarf as a Top

Versace for H&M - Leggings with Gold-coloured Rivets

Versace for H&M - Patterened Leggings

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這篇文章重點就是我瘋狂的跟我的好友一大早去排隊買Versace跟H&M合作的衣服. 我們只能搶到一些而已. 好看的皮衣皮裙都早被一掃而空. 很多人都是半夜一兩點就去排隊的. 不過幸虧H&M管理的很好讓有排隊的人都買的開心.