Happy New Year! What are your new year resolutions? Getting healthy and fit is definitely on top of my list. After splurging on yummy festive foods over the holiday season it’s time to get back on track. What inspired me was Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers commercial! It has been a year and she still kept her weight off. I was impressed with her perseverance. Jennifer Hudson is looking better than ever!
One of my friends was on Weight Watchers and she told me it’s about counting points. Each food has a point and each day you are allotted a certain number of points. One serving of beef and broccoli stir fry has 5 points, a carrot has 0 point and a bite size chocolate chip cookie has 1 point. Vegetables usually have 0 point so you can eat all the veggies till you drop. Basically it’s about eating a healthy and balanced diet.
Again, finding something that works for you and something that works over time are so important. Don’t forget staying active is another key to stay fit!

新年快樂!你有什麼新年的新目標呢?我的清單上少不了健康的瘦身。在節日揮霍的不忌口之後是時間重回正軌啦。我看到Jennifer Hudson的Weight Watchers瘦身廣告後又深深的受到引響。 已經有一年了吧,她仍然保持她的體重。她真的很有耐力ㄟ。Jennifer Hudson現在比以前都還正!
我有一個朋友也是跟Weight Watchers 的瘦身課程。她說基本上就是計算食物點數,每種食物都有自己的點數。每一天你只有固定的點數。牛肉炒西蘭花是5點,一個蘿蔔0點,一個小的巧克力餅是1點。蔬菜通常都是0點,所以你可以吃蔬菜吃到撐。

基本上Weight Watchers就是注重健康和均衡飲食。