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Three of my girlfriends are getting married this year! I’m so happy for them and they have inspired me to write this post. Wearing a beautiful wedding gown is many girls’ dream. To me every bride is the most beautiful princess on their wedding day.


Here are Purty Talks’ top 2012 wedding gowns! 這裡是Purty Talks選出的2012婚紗!

Lace and Organza

I love the collaboration of organza and lace. The veiled silhouette is also very sexy! I really like Pronovia and La Sposa wedding gowns. They are from Spain and they are sister brands. My wedding gown is from La Sposa.

我愛蕾絲和紗的結合。隱藏的身型也非常性感!我很喜歡Pronovia和La Sposa的婚紗。他們是來自西班牙的姊妹品牌。我的婚紗就是La Sposa的。

Fashion Gowns

These are form-fitted fashion gowns. Aren’t they great for destination weddings? 這些是貼身的時尚禮服。他們是不是很適合渡假式的婚禮呢?

Ball Gowns

These ball gowns are for princesses who want to get married in a castle! 這些華麗的白紗是給想要在城堡結婚的公主!

My dad and I on the wedding day

This was taken on my wedding day in 2008. 這個是我和我爸啦。


This was from a photo shoot that I did for my friends last year. 這個是去年幫朋友作品拍的。

Choosing a wedding gown is hard and stressful! Brides-to-be, just remember to go with something that you like and something that fits your figure. And don’t forget to pick a gown that goes well with your ceremony’s venue. You wouldn’t wear a gigantic ball gown to a beach wedding right? Have fun and enjoy the wedding planning process!