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A girlfriend of mine was wearing a beautiful natural glowing blush yesterday. I asked her what brand it was and she told me it’s Tarte’s Tipsy. Tarte is known for its high-performance natural ingredients. Its cheek stain has been on the A-list and it is probably the most popular product. I just became a fan lately when I used Tarte’s Smooth Operator and Natural Lip Sheer.

昨天我的一個好友擦了一個很漂亮而且自然的腮紅。我問她是什麼牌子,她告訴我是Tarte的Tipsy。 Tarte出名的就是它的化妝品都含有高性能的天然成分。尤其它的腮紅是最暢銷的產品。我最近才成了粉絲是因為用了它的Smooth Operator和Natural Lip Sheer。

The Smooth Operator is an illuminating serum which works as a natural skin brightener. The serum is infused with Amazonian clay, vitamins, and tea extract to moisturize and replenish the skin. The healing clay neutralizes any negative skin condition to give a healthy, radiant complexion. You don’t get a fake sheen from the Smooth Operator. Now I mix this with my moisturizer and/or foundation all the time. It makes me feel like I take the sun with me everywhere!

Smooth Operator是一個帶光澤的精華液能讓皮膚自然增亮。精華液含有亞馬遜合的泥土,維生素和綠茶提取物,可以滋潤和補充皮膚。亞馬遜合的泥土可以解決任何負面的皮膚狀況,給一個健康,容光煥發的膚色。這個用起來不會有油膩膩或假假的光澤。現在我都把這精華液混在保濕或粉底一起使用。讓我覺得我到處帶著太陽走!

The Natural Lip Sheer has an SPF of 15 and it gives you the most natural touch of colour! It gives you the “you are born with it” lips.

Natural Lip Sheer是有帶點顏色和SPF15護唇膏,它給你最自然的唇色!就像妳是天生麗質一樣哦。

I really like Tarte’s cosmetics now because it gives you a natural look and its ingredients are all so organic. Have fun exploring Tarte!


Tarte Lip Sheer

Tarte Smooth Operator