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Today I would like to share a few tips dealing with acne. I’ve had breakouts since I was a teenager and I still do get their visit every now and then.

Once I see a zit I want it to disappear right away. To speed up the healing process, I always use prescription medication to kill acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. Lately I’ve also used at-home blue light therapy to kill acne causing bacteria.

Currently I am using some creams that contain retinoid which is a vitamin A derivative to treat mild to moderately severe acne. Retinoid has also been used to reverse signs of aging in many anti-aging products.

I have also been using Clindoxyl Gel which is a combination product that contains two medications: clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide. The gel works by killing bacteria that cause acne and by peeling off skin cells.

My other acne saver is at-home blue light therapy. I tried Tanda Zap last year which I recommended previously on the blog. Now I got the hand-held Tanda because it is chargeable and more economical in the long-run. Tanda Zap works on batteries and it consumes batteries pretty fast. Anyways, they work the same way. They use blue LED light to kill acne causing bacteria.

I like the light therapy because it works faster than acne creams. However it only treats mild to moderate acne which means that if you have a huge cystic acne it is not going to work.

So from my experience here are some tips to make acne go away fast:

Tip 1

See a dermatologist to get prescription medication. Over-the-counter medication pretty much doesn’t work. 

Tip 2

There are many acne creams out there with different active ingredients. When getting a medication, ask how the ingredient works and ask for side effects. Keep in mind there are positives and negatives for all ingredients.

Tip 3

Try different ingredients and find out what works the best on your skin.

Tip 4

Always use sunscreen. Acne medication almost always make your skin light sensitive. 

Tip 5

Try at-home light therapies if you are up for it. There are at-home blue LED light therapy and IPL light therapy available.

One last note! If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please be sure to consult your doctor before using any acne medication or light therapy.

Different acne creams






其他抗痘方法還有在家的藍光治療。就是我去年有推薦過的Tanda Zap。現在,我換成了正常版的Tanda因為它可以充電而長期下來比較便宜。Tanda Zap消耗電池相當快。總而言之,他們是一樣的原理。他們用藍色LED燈,殺死導致痘痘的細菌。