Yesterday I saw a handbag that totally caught my eyes and made my head turned! I was acting like some dude who can’t take his eyes off of a pretty girl.

The bag has a simple and yet eye-catching presence because of its colour and shape. I saw it from far away and I kept staring at it until I saw a small gold engraved Celine logo.

It turned out the bag was from Celine’s spring/summer 2010 collection. Oh I love Celine bags…

Which bag would make your head turn?

I saw the orange one in person. Loves it!
Courtesy of My MANy Bags



昨天我看到了一個手袋,完全抓住了我的視線,我回頭看了! 就像男生看到漂亮女生一樣眼睛盯著看還回頭再看。





Picture courtesy of My MANy Bags