I am a big fan of short and effective workouts so I have gotta share this 6-minute workout with you. This is a workout by Chris Powell, the trainer for the Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

“Sexy Six Summer Slim Down” exercises”

We start with this one because it truly works out every muscle in your body.
Start in a standing position. Put your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back in to a push up position. Do a push up, jump your feet forward and jump up and clap.
* Works out every muscle in your body!

Mountain climber
Start in a push up position. Raise your knee up to your chest so it looks like you are climbing. In one quick movement, jump your feet and switch feet. It’s an isometric hold.
* Works out your core, legs and gives a big cardiovascular response.

***** Starting from here all exercises will use the one gallon jugs. Using jugs at home is a great way to get eight pounds of weight easily for a work out without having to buy weights. Just take a jug and fill them with water.  And if you want, go to the hardware store and get silicone gel so that you can properly seal the jugs.

Thrusters (use a dining room chair)
Start in a standing position holding the jugs resting on your shoulders. Sit down in the chair and then stand up and put your arms up with the jugs overhead.
* Works out your butt, thighs, and your core for midline stability.

Back lunge with twist
Start in standing position with feet together and one jug at your chest.  Extend the jug out in front of you and then step back with one leg about 3 feet and lower the leg to the ground. Holding jug in front, rotate the side 90 degrees.
* Works your butt and thighs and also your core when rotating.

Back lunge with twist
Courtesy of http://nicktumminello.com

Step up with curl  (use a small step stool)
For this you can use any little stool you have in your house.
From the floor, step up on the stool and once in a standing position, do a bicep curl.
* Works your butt, thighs and bicep.

Squat clean
This is a big explosive move. Start by holding the jugs down to your side. Gently dip down and as you jump, the jugs rise to your shoulders using your biceps.
* Works your butts, thighs, biceps and back.

If you are able to watch The Talk online, you would be able to watch this exercise clip from the below link:


我喜歡簡短又有效的運動所以我要與大家分享這6分鐘瘦一身的鍛煉。這是由一個明星教練Chris Powell設計的。



Mountain climber



Back lunge with twist

Step up with curl (用一個小凳子)

Squat clean

如果你能夠看線上看The Talk重播,你就可以看到這個運動的播出。