Welcome to Purty Talks! Here at Purty Talks we share questions, tips and secrets to look, feel and live pretty. Purty Talks is  about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Purty Talks is in both English and Chinese, connecting the best of the East and the West.

歡迎來到Purty Talks – 俏俏話! 我們在Purty Talks討論和分享有關美麗的秘密和 問題。 Purty Talks是有關美容,時尚和生活方式。Purty Talks是個中英文的Blog交流東西方最棒的資訊。

History of Purty Talks 歷史

Purty Talks was started as a group on Facebook to share and talk about how to look, feel and live pretty online. Then there was a Facebook page for Purty Talks to better manage info. Finally this official blog for Purty Talks was created.

Purty Talks是一個想要共享和上網談論漂亮的東西的地方。Purty Talks一開始是個Facebook團體。然後,才開始有一個Facebook的網頁好管理資訊。最後這個官方網頁才誕生。

Author 作者

I am a…
Mom to two girls. Wife. Daughter. Pug owner. Sister. Friend. Down to earth woman. Control freak. Perfectionist. Taiwanese Canadian. Human Resources Professional. And I keep exploring new identities…

I love…
Creativity. Design. Uniqueness. Style. Beauty. Fashion. Travel. Baking. And the list will keep growing…

I am like the most of you, who appreciate different pretty things in life.

媽媽。妻子。女兒。巴哥狗的主人。姊妹。朋友。不做作的女人。控制狂。完美主義者。加拿大台灣人。人事管理專家。 我還繼續發掘新身分。。。

創造力。設計。獨特。造型。美麗。時尚。旅行。烘培。 這清單會慢慢增加。。。

我就像大部分的人, 欣賞生活裡不同的美麗東西。


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  1. good job, honey! 🙂

  2. Thank you for “like” my article.

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